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About Go:
Go (chinese: weiqi, korean: baduk, japanese: igo) is one of the oldest and most complex strategical board games in the world and is played by about 100 million people worldwide. The basic rules of the game are simple to learn but large scale strategies can be extremely hard to master. One way to practice Go is to solve goproblems (also known as tsumego) and BlackToPlay is one resource for such problems.
Mobile devices:
BlackToPlay can be run as a standalone application on most mobile devices, which benefits both layout and user experience. In Safari on IOS or in Chrome on Android, select the browser menu and "Save to Home screen". An icon will be added among the applications on your device home screen and BlackToPlay can be run as a standalone application. Currently, internet access is always needed for the application to work as it loads its resources and problems from a remote server.
Your rank:
To choose a rank, select the tab with username and rank on the right in the top menu. This will open a menu where you can set your rank (and if you want to, your name). Your rank will change depending on the result of each problem and your progress is displayed in the diagram in the bottom right of the application.
Daily problem:
We currently have about 1000 problems in our database but every day one more problem is added. You can load this new problem by selecting the "Daily problem" tab in the top menu.
This webapplication is created as a free teaching tool for go players and as a way to promote go. It is developed on a desktop computer, but is meant to work on most devices/browsers and also as a standalone application on a mobile/tablet.
Feel free to email: btptsumego[at]gmail.com. We are also happy to receive information on errors in the problems or on bugs in the application so we can keep making this better.